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Коллекция программ для моддинга игры Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Arcanum Facades

0–92 | 93–168 | 169–204 | 205–283 | 284–372

ZIP: Arcanum_facades.zip

Arcanum Facades 169–204
FascadeDescriptionIsometric ViewBase Terrain
169-171 - Trn_TrkI cho-cho-choose you! Three different sized train tracks. Other than track length, the pieces are the same apart from minor coloration of the wood planks. Note that *all* facades with train tracks use the same spacing, so they can be easily layered on top of one another without worrying about overlaps.arcanum facadesdirt
172 - Trn_Eng1Front half of a train pointing East.arcanum facadesdirt
173 - Trn_Eng2Front half of a train pointing West.arcanum facadesdirt
174 - Trn_Cab1The caboose for piece #172. Caboose is train-talk for "ass-end"arcanum facadesdirt
175 - Trn_Cab2The ass-end of piece #173. Ass-end is swear-talk for "caboose"arcanum facadesdirt
176 - Trn_Cars1Extra cars for either train set. Symetrical, so you can add as many cars as you little heart desires.arcanum facadesdirt
177 - Caladon01Caladon Castle, more or less Right Center Edge.arcanum facadesdirt
178 - Caladon02Caladon Castle, Upper Right Cornerarcanum facadesdirt
179 - Caladon03Caladon Castle, Upper Edge Center-Rightarcanum facadesdirt
180 - Caladon04Caladon Castle, Upper Edge Center-Leftarcanum facadesdirt
181 - Caladon05Caladon Castle, let's call it Inner Left Centerarcanum facadesdirt
182 - Caladon06Caladon Castle, Inner Left Edge-ish.arcanum facadesdirt
183 - Caladon07Caladon Caste, Oh, just look at the top view I made.arcanum facadesdirt
184 - Caladon08Caladon Castle, Lower Right Big Towerarcanum facadesdirt
185 - Caladon09Caladon Castle, Lower Right Little Towerarcanum facadesdirt
186 - Caladon10Caladon Castle, Wall Bottom Rightarcanum facadesdirt
187 - Caladon11Caladon Castle, Wall Bottom Centerarcanum facadesdirt
188 - Caladon12Caladon Castle, Wall Bottom Leftarcanum facadesdirt
189 - Caladon13Caladon Castle, Wall Lower Left Edgearcanum facadesdirt
190 - Caladon14Caladon Castle, Wall Center Left Edgearcanum facadesdirt
191 - Caladon15Caladon Castle, Wall Upper Left Edgearcanum facadesdirt
192 - Caladon16Caladon Castle, Upper Left Towerarcanum facadesdirt
Caladon Castle CompleteThis should give you a rough idea of where the pieces for the castle go.arcanum facadesdirt
193 - Train_Tunl_1This is a fake tunnel where your fake trains can go. Works with all the East/West trains and tracks. That is pieces #169-176. Fits against mountains. Entirely blockedarcanum facadesdirt
194 - Train_Tunl_2This is a fake tunnel for trains pointing the other way. Works with any North/South trains and tracks. So far, I haven't seen any, but I'm only at #194. Also fits against mountains. Entirely blockedarcanum facadesdirt
195 - Wolf-CaveLittle cave entrance into mountain. Dirt in front of cave not blocked. This is exactly like the cave-entrance from the Passages scenery list.arcanum facadesdirt
196 - Vendigroth-FishThe ruins of a big mechanical fish. I'm not sure what tile goes correctly as a background for this, which is why I've marked this row in pink.
(I'm hoping this facade marks the beginning of single huge facades, versus tons of little puzzle pieces)
arcanum facadesdirt
198-201 - DarkElf 1-4NOTE: All the Dark Elf facades are unlit. You will need to provide lighting. These screenshots were made with ambient lighting turned off.
This is pretty much like the elf village (pieces #64-79), except there are only 4 pieces in a 2x2 grid. Like the other elf village, the all dark elf village facades share the same symetrical background so can be easily placed next to each other.
arcanum facades
TIP: For a professional looking dark elf village (meaning like what Troika did), you will need to use piece #198 & 199 to complete your tree. Place #199 to the bottom left of your grid and #198 below that.
Use #204 to remove the disc parts on your new tree. Cover the funny looking edges with some scenery. Dead shrubs work nicely.
arcanum facadeswood
202 - DarkElf-Bridge1East/West bridge for connecting Dark Elf villages. Lines up just below the disc on the left and on the disc on the right.arcanum facadeswood
203 - DarkElf-Bridge2North/South bridge for connecting Dark Elf villages. They're easy to line up, you'll figure it out.arcanum facadeswood
204 - DarkElf-TreeSwatchSame as #159 Elf Tree Base. This is a "blank" facade for use in making a Dark Elf Village.arcanum facadeswood

0–92 | 93–168 | 169–204 | 205–283 | 284–372

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