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Коллекция программ для моддинга игры Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Arcanum Facades

0–92 | 93–168 | 169–204 | 205–283 | 284–372

  • When placing a facade, click and HOLD DOWN the mouse button. This allows you to drag it where it’s needed. When lining up facades, it’s the only way to do it. NOTE: You can still scroll the screen when dragging around a facade.
  • Sometimes directions like left, right, upper, lower are easier to understand when viewing the facades in the top-down view.
  • Click on picture in Isometric View column to see a larger version (often a *much* larger version).
  • Base Terrain indicates what sound will be played when a player walks over a facade (assuming it can be walked on). In some cases they are listed with a question mark (dirt?), because this was the terrain that showed up when the facade was deleted, but doesn’t seem to make sense in terms of the correct sound to be played.
  • In all cases… I’ve never viewed these facades in Arcanum to see what happens.
  • Feedback from you, the Arcanum mod community is not only welcome… it’s pratically required: the_dgale@hotmail.com
  • ZIPS: Arcanum_facades.zip
Arcanum Facades 0–92
FascadeDescriptionIsometric ViewBase Terrain
0 — BHullCrash site blimp wreckage. Hullarcanum facadesgrass
1 — BPropCrash site blimp wreckage. Propeller arcanum facadesgrass
2 — BRuddCrash site blimb wreckage. Rudderarcanum facadesgrass
3 — WoodbridgeA wooden bridge.arcanum facadesgrass?
4 — CavernDrt1Dirt. Presumably for a cavern.arcanum facadesgrass
5 — CavernDrt2More cavern dirt. Bigger version of #4arcanum facadesgrass
6 — DestroyedCastleRoof1Destroyed Castle, Leftarcanum facadesgrass
7 — DestroyedCastleRoof2Destroyed Castle, Toparcanum facadesgrass
8 — DestroyedCastleRoof3Destroyed Castle, Rightarcanum facadesgrass
9 — DestroyedCastleRoof4Destroyed Castle, Bottomarcanum facadesdirt
DestroyedCastleRoof CompleteFour pieces together make this big destroyed castle roof. Not sure about that grey in front, though. The larger version of this picture doesn’t show the entire castle.arcanum facadesgrass
10–15 DocShr Edges & SupportsWell, the names imply they are for Docks (short?)… but I can’t figure them out.** NONE **10, 11, 13, 14: wood
12: dirt
15: water
16 — Mountain_01Mountain: Upper Right Cornerarcanum facadesgrass
17 — Mountain_02Mountain: Right Edge, Longarcanum facadesdirt
18 — Mountain_03Mountain: Right Edge, Shortarcanum facadesdirt
19 — Mountain_04Mountain: Lower Edge, Longarcanum facadesdirt
20 — Mountain_05Mountain: Lower Left Cornerarcanum facadesdirt
21 — Mountain_06Mountain: Left Edge, Longarcanum facadesdirt
22 — Mountain_07Mountain: Upper Left Cornerarcanum facadesdirt
23 — Mountain_08Mountain: Upper Edge, Longarcanum facadesdirt
24 — Mountain_09This piece seems to fit nicely on the left side of #23arcanum facadesdirt
25 — Mountain_10Fits nicely above #24 and above or below itself.arcanum facadesdirt
26 — Mountain_11This piece seems to fit nicely above #27arcanum facadesdirt
27 — Mountain_12This piece seems to fit nicely on the right side of #22, and to the right or left of itself.arcanum facadesdirt
28 — Ship1BowBow (front) of Ship1arcanum facadeswood
29 — Ship1MastsMasts for Ship1.arcanum facadeswood
30 — Ship1SternStern (back) of Ship1arcanum facadeswood
Ship1 CompleteThree pieces, fit together properly make a big ship. See #60, SRamp1arcanum facadeswood
31 — Ship2BowBow (front) of Ship2arcanum facadeswood
32 — Ship2MastsMasts of Ship2arcanum facadeswood
33 — Ship2SternStern (back) of Ship2arcanum facadeswood
Ship2 CompleteSame ship, different angle. See #61, SRamp2arcanum facadeswood
34 — SunkShip1Single piece, sunken ship, bow up. Entire facade uses blocking tilesarcanum facadeswater
35 — SunkShip2Single piece, sunken ship, stern up. Unblocked path up facade.arcanum facadeswood
36–59 — Docks and planksI couldn’t quite figure out these pieces. I come back later and get pictures of each one. If you can provide instructions for using them, please let me know.** NONE **
60 — SRamp1Ship ramp for ship #1 (pieces 28–30)arcanum facadeswood
61 — SRamp2Ship ramp for ship #2 (pieces 31–33)arcanum facadeswood
62 — Mine1Entrance to mine. Place against mountain, left sidearcanum facadesgrass
63 — Mine2Entrance to mine. Place against mountain, right sidearcanum facadesdirt
64–79 — ElfT_01-16Elf village tree. Wood paths are unblocked. 16 pieces laid out in a 4×4 grid, starting in the upper-left. The entire grid can be placed next to itself seemlessly. Here’s a top down view:
arcanum facades
arcanum facadesdirt?
80 — Elfbridge1East-West Bridge for Elf village tree. Fairly easy to line up on either side.arcanum facadesdirt?
81 — Elfbridge2North-South Bridge for Elf village tree. Fairly easy to line up on either side.arcanum facadesdirt?
83 — DungeonRug1Rug for dungeon. Shown here with a 5×5 light applied to it.arcanum facadesdirt?
84 — DungeonRug2Another dungeon rug. This one shows up fine without lights.arcanum facadesstone
85 — ThroneBase1Carpet leading to throne. Needs lighting, shown here with 5×5 light.arcanum facadesdirt
86–92 — BlimpJunk1-7Blimp Junk, according to the name. Pieces 1 & 3 and pieces 2 & 5 seem to be exactly the same except for the grey backgrounds of pieces 1 and 2.arcanum facadesall dirt

0–92 | 93–168 | 169–204 | 205–283 | 284–372

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